• Traineeships

  • Route One- Traineeship Programme

    This route is aimed at individuals who are looking to secure an Apprenticeship within a short period of time. You would begin by completing employability training alongside sector-based practical and theory sessions. Our aim would then be to find a work experience placement for you with a local business in hope of securing an Apprenticeship. This programme can last between 3-12 months. Whilst we hope to gain you an Apprenticeship, we cannot guarantee this. 

    You will attend the Hairdressing salon in Sowton to complete Hair training along with Functional Skills Training and employability sessions. 

  • Route Two -Level One In Chosen Occupation

    This route is aimed at individuals who are looking to gain a full level one qualification in their chosen occupation. This is classed as full-time education with an expected duration of twelve months.  As added course value we will also provide work experience with a local employer. On completion of this course, you could look to progress onto an Apprenticeship, with the support of PGL.

  • With continuous start dates across the year, we advise you to discuss both routes with your parent(s) or next of kin and come back to us with your chosen pathway. If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Contact Alberto/Paul on 01392 437373.